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Miki Liukkonen, Sivullinen. 2nd Season

2022, Yle Teema ja Areena
Merkkien Salat 2, kuvassa Ella Kanninen ja Liisa Väisänen. Kuvaaja Marco Peretto

The World Behind Symbols, 2. season

2. tuotantokausi (Yle Teema, Areena)

Miki Liukkonen, outsider

1. tuotantokausi (Yle Teema, Areena)

Timanttinen keikka, 2nd Season

2. tuotantokausi (Yle Teema, Areena)

The World Behind Symbols - available as a format

1. tuotantokausi (Yle Teema, TV1 ja Areena)
  • You probably know Yoda from Star Wars, but you probably don’t know that his roots date all the way back to at least the Middle Ages, or that the heart – the universal symbol of love – was once an ancient symbol for emergency contraception.
  • The World Behind Symbols is a TV series that takes viewers on a deep dive into the world of signs and symbols. After watching it, you’ll literally see the world in a whole new way.
  • The language of symbols extends across all geographical and national borders. "I think it’s more important to know the language of symbols than it is to know, for example, English,” says the show’s inspiring expert host, PhD and symbol researcher, Liisa Väisänen.
  •  The World Behind Symbols brings the world of symbols found in Dan Brown’s books to life for all viewers.
  • The show looks at many of the ancient symbols we constantly (and unknowingly) encounter in our everyday lives. We are surrounded by a whole world of symbols that are hidden in pop culture, ancient religious symbols, and even things like the shapes and colours of our road signs.
  • The first season of The World Behind Symbols features eight episodes. Topics include the Illuminati, hand signs, the heart symbol, images of the devil, the symbolism behind numbers, symbols of food and eating, the meaning of head and body hair throughout he ages, and the Holy Grail.
  • The format for the show will include scripts for each episode, help with localisation, a format bible, plus expertise from Liisa Väisänen and the possibility for her participation in inserts (in English, French, Spanish or Italian).

Timanttinen keikka - exlusive gigs & interviews

1. tuotantokausi (YLE Teema, TV1 ja Areena)


(Yle TV2, TV1 ja Areena)

The World of Miki Liukkonen


Soppa 365

(Nelonen- Ruutu-Liv-Jim)

Sport Girl 2016


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TOTUUS RAKKAUDESTA - Truth about love - based on ABC-Australia format Agony Aunts/Uncles


Robin - Right Now

MTV, Katsomo

Family Defect

Yle Radio 1, 2014, 2015, 2021-2022

Minna Marsh

Yle Puhe, 2014

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Yle Puhe, 2014